Rather than this being overly formal, Martin-MacDonald.com will be written directly from me to you. None of this, ‘Martin MacDonald is…’ stuff. From an academic stand point I currently call myself a ‘Clinical Performance Nutritionist’ owing to the fact that I have studied both Clinical Nutrition and Sport and Exercise Nutrition at a postgraduate level from brick and mortar institutions (rather than buying my qualifications on the internet). Due to my work with several celebrities on their nutrition, I am also sometimes referred to as a celebrity nutritionist and have coined this phrase for some of my social media biographies also. It means nothing, but it sounds good and I hope you won’t hold that against me.

I am the founder of Mac-Nutrition.com, which is now a thriving nutrition consultancy boasting sought after long-term internship and weekend Mentorship programs. The articles section of this website is designed to give me more freedom to express my personal views on some areas of nutrition and aspects of the health, nutrition and fitness industry which may not be exactly representative of all those who work for Mac-Nutrition.

The website will also be used to showcase my work in the media and will be a place where I can be contacted for nutrition related work.

If you would like more information on areas I may have some expertise in, click my ‘Online CV’ images below to get an idea of my experience & unique skill set.