I worked closely with Total Greek Yoghurt in 2012 and 2013 as part of their expert team. I was over the moon when TOTAL asked me to come on board because, out of the dozens of yoghurt companies, they are one I’ve never had qualms with. They are a nice, clean, honest brand that has something to suit everyone.The fact that they do not add any rubbish to their 0% and 2% yoghurts, whilst at the same time managing to make them taste amazing… speaks volumes of the companies values. Values that are right in line with mine.

I never hid the fact that I was working with proper source them, I enjoyed being the TOTAL Greek Yoghurt Nutrition Expert and felt I was able to do this without compromising my integrity. It was obvious that I would not have worked with them if I did not fully endorse their products.

I recorded a huge number of videos for TOTAL during those two years, that can all be seen on YouTube Here. Considering the recent hype around sugar, fructose and fat I’m quite proud of the ‘Myth Busting Videos’, which were filmed over 2 years ago.

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