Natural Bodybuilder

In 2003 I decided to compete in a natural bodybuilding competition to push my body to this limit and at the same time, trial some nutritional interventions in the name of (anecdotal) science.

Although I was never a good bodybuilder, and in competitive terms I was probably wasting my time, the time I spent learning the practicalities of nutrition and what the human body is capable of have been invaluable to me in my career. I ended up getting ‘the bug’ and continued to compete for several years; I still train to this day but don’t have the drive to do what I would need to do to step back on stage. I leave that to my clients now.

Combining strength training, sprint training and the occasional aerobic training with dieting to single digit body fat gave me a unique insight into how the body can adapt to such stresses. It gave me real world insight into what the manipulation of the macronutrients did to body composition as well as physical well-being. I haven’t just worked with clients who have done low fat or low carb diets, Intermittent Fasting, Atkins diet, Zone diet etc. etc., I’ve done them myself! I’ve got to admit though, I’ve never done the Cambridge diet, Weightwatchers or alike so perhaps I’m wrong… maybe they are great and I just need to give them a go??

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