Public Speaker

Public speaking is what I enjoy most; the bigger the audience, the better. The main reason for me continuing to lecture undergraduates is because I’m guaranteed a crowd every week… Seriously though, I get a great deal of satisfaction from lecturing, teaching and motivating people about nutrition. As a 22 year old, I gave my first ever lecture to a group of more than 70 final year students, only 1 year my junior, and from there I was hooked. Positive feedback about my humourous teaching style, enthusiasm for the subject that motivated attendees, and engaging presentation style has been a theme that has encouraged me to where I am today.

If you would like to organise for me to be a public speaker at your event or on video, please do get in contact via my contact page. The types of events I speak at include, but are not limited to:

    • Workplace Wellness/Corporate Nutrition Events
    • Health and Fitness Expos
    • Brand associated educational videos
    • Sports Nutrition Talks, Workshops and Seminars
    • After dinner speaker

Corporate Nutrition

Corporate Nutrition Talk

Nutrition Speaker Sport

Health & Fitness Expo

Nutrition speaker expert

Nutrition Seminar

nutrition tutorial

Kitchen Tutorial Event

Corporate Nutrition

Corporate Workshop

Speaker of nutrition and diet

Nutrition Auditorium Talk

If you’ve listened to me speak I would hugely appreciate it if you would leave some (short) feedback about how you found it. Genuine comments on the  ‘experience’ i.e. my manner, enthusiasm, style etc, rather than the content, would be perfect. Thank you so much, and I’m glad you’ve found your way here!

16 Responses

  1. Ahmed Al-Sairafi

    Had a great talk today with the Loughborough Fitness & Wellbeing Society. Martin kept the talk interesting and engaged the audience in a discussion!

  2. Mohamed Ali Abdelhak

    Very enthusiastic speaker who kept the talk alive with humour and got the audience to participate!nn1

  3. Daniel Drinkall

    Martin clearly has a diverse knowledge in his field and coupled with his humorous style, it makes for a very entertaining and educating seminar!

  4. Michael Leung

    Martin delivered an excellent seminar on the topic of nutrition and training to Loughborough University’s Fitness and Well-Being Society. He is very knowledgeable, intellectual as well as passionate. These qualities made the evening very informative AND entertaining with his unique speaking style. Once again thank you Martin!

  5. Michael Phillips

    Martin recently spoke at an event for Loughborough Fitness and Wellbeing Society. The talk was very engaging and humorous. We would throughly recommend Martin and would love to have him again!

  6. Arman Hussain

    Thoroughly enjoyed myself at the discussion. Gained a further insight on a lot of important factors nutrition has a role in body composition and training. My theories and views on nutrition were proven wrong by Martin’s invaluable knowledge

  7. Imi Victoria Newey

    Engaging and full of relatable knowledge

  8. Sébastien Roger

    Thank you Martin, what a great seminar, both useful and so so enlightening. I hope we see you again soon at the Loughborough Fitness & Well being Society!

  9. Philippe Lewis Rodriguez

    Yet another compelling talk – a fluid combination of humour and intellectual panache!

  10. Daniel Connolly

    Excellent points presented in a simple and engaging manner. He put a bit of logic back into the complex fitness industry and I hope to attend another of Martin’s talks very soon. For me, one of the best talks I’ve ever been to!

  11. Philippe Lewis Rodriguez

    Yet another compelling talk – a fluid display of humour and intellectual panache!

  12. Liam

    Really engaging talk last night at Loughborough University with Martin, audience interaction was great and the talk flew by, wish it could have been longer!

  13. Abraham Zachariah

    Martin was a great speaker and kept the audience engaged throughout with humour and his wealth of knowledge, Thanks!

  14. Sam Watts

    Martin’s talks are always compelling and engaging. His approachable, humorous style allows for audience participation and discussion, offering a great experience for all regardless of prior knowledge. The time will fly by and you’ll leave inspired, motivated and certainly more knowledgeable!

  15. Valentin Tambosi

    I attended Martin’s talk at the EPIC Fitness Summit 2015 and was pleasantly surprised by both his talk and persona. Now it feels a bit foolish to admit I didn’t know Martin prior to this talk, because he is a major player in the UK nutrition industry. Very confident presenter giving you the hard facts on nutrition with the perfect amount of british humour mixed in.

  16. Martyn Rackham

    I would wholeheartedly recommend Martin as a speaker, his relaxed persona & ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms helped me to get the most out of the talks I attended. The two days I spent at the mentorship last year left me looking forward to the next time I get to see him present!

    Martyn Rackham