Clients and Coaches alike have changed their lives with my Rapid Fat Loss Calculator.

"We have had phenomenal client results. On average, clients lose at least 5kg in 4weeks in our group coaching program."

Many clients have lost much more than this! We based a whole arm of our business around what we learnt from Martin and by using the Rapid Fat Loss calculator we have had phenomenal client results.

Clients who have “tried everything” are suddenly getting results.

The calculator is does so much of the work for us and saved us so much time.

Martin was even happy to give us advice on our group coaching program and we made had our most financially successful intake yet!

We can’t recommend this enough for other coaches and even clients!"

Sam & Kelly, SK Nutrition

Martin's Aggressive Dieting Calculator helped me shift 60lbs!

"I used the Rapid Fat Loss Calculator & it's been amazing - it really has
helped me shift 60lbs now! 🎉

I've still had treats, meals out & the occasional glass of wine! I haven't felt like I've missed out on anything & haven't felt starved!

I had a break & didn't put any weight on while I wasn't actively dieting - feeling really motivated & positive!"

- Joy

Overall I've lost 10.6kg and I'm managing to maintain it!

"I think I did so well with your aggressive calorie deficit because I could eat whatever I wanted!

- Emily

I was very surprised about the low hunger while following the calculator!

"I’ve used the Aggressive Diet Calculator for myself to trim down body fat. I was very surprised about the low hunger while following the calculator and would rate it as a great experience overall."

- Gabriella Muruako