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Dieting Mindset – The Paradigm Shift That Could Change Your Dieting Success


In this episode, I cover perhaps the most important thing to remember when you are starting a fat loss endeavour: Your mindset.

I’ll share with you why you should adopt a flexible approach when dieting, why you shouldn’t set an exact deadline to reach your goals and what the definition of ‘normal’ eating is (the answer might surprise you).

I hope you enjoy this nutrition psychology focussed episode! Let me know what you think!
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01:06 – Dieting success is hugely dependant on mindset

01:55 – The concept behind my latest aggressive dieting phase

02:33 – Why you don’t need to eat the same amount of Calories every day

02:54 – Unconditional permission to eat and the core idea of dietary flexibility

04:09 – An evidence-based definition of “Normal” eating

06:53 – Why you keep falling off the wagon when it comes to your diets

07:20 – Is your diet negatively affecting your social life? Does eating certain foods make you feel guilty or sad?

10:53 – The common pitfall of setting an exact deadline for your diets

11:45 – Why you can eat whatever you want & enjoy the process!

– A quick mention of HAES, non-dieting and intuitive eating movements

15:55 – If you can learn to change and be adaptable, you will be successful

16:50 – Why black & white thinking is ruining your dieting journey

18:33 – Summary