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DNA & Food Intolerance Testing & Why Some Practitioners Choose to Use Them


Today I’ll talk about DNA food intolerance tests for dieting and why using a DNA test to decide macro splits and exercise types is simply not a thing.

I will also go into why some people use these tests, what to do if someone offers you a diet based off a DNA test & how some practitioners get away with putting out such bad information.

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0:00 – What led me to recording this episode

02:35 – Why DNA nutrition is not a thing & my previous research in the area of genetics

08:51 – How genetic testing could be used & what to do if someone tries to sell you a DNA intolerance test when it comes to dieting

12:30 – References & why you should check them

14:32 – The reason some practitioners sell out and start using DNA tests

21:18 – Why some people get benefits when they cut out certain food groups

29:55 – Tangents & why they are actually useful

31:48 – Calorie deficit health benefits & the one thing that Slimming World does well

34:13 – What leads people to joining MLM schemes

38:44 – Making claims online & conspiracy theories

43:25 – Wrap up & panic that I didn’t press record