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Finding YOUR Fat Loss Magic in the Absence of Magical Fat Loss Foods and Macro Splits

I cover a LOT in this episode, so writing the title was tough. It came off the back of people being so interested in what my 7 days of 1000kcals/day food shop looked like. When you are ‘in the know’ it’s not sexy, it’s not interesting. But that’s what I wanted to talk about here, what IS sexy, or magical i.e. what DOES make for a successful fat loss diet. Amazon Alexa also makes a guest appearance with some nutrition advice of her own… LMAO! Enjoy.

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00:00 – Introduction

02:33 – Fat loss ‘sucks’ compared to maintenance. Therefore it should never be done from a place of guilt or hating yourself

03:14 – How I’m surprisingly inspiring others on my aggressive fat loss phase

06:37 – Why I can’t do a protein sparing modified fast & how I feel BETTER on very low calories

10:20 – Fat loss isn’t sexy, there really is no magic foods or macronutrients

13:34 – Hunger is not just physiological!

15:22 – What comes after my aggressive fat loss phase

17:35 – The charlatans of the industry & the rubbish they say..

22:38 – How mentality is so much more important to fat loss success than the mathematics of it⠀

26:44 – Alexa chimes in on the conversation, offering me some advice on nutrition…. WTF

33:32 – The importance of getting a good variety within an aggressive diet

37:40 – Wrap up