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What I Wish I Knew About Fat Loss When I Was Competing In Natural Bodybuilding


In this episode I’ll explain to you how I have great workouts after eating only very few Calories.

I’ll also describe the sweet-spot between food demonisation and a junk food-filled diet. This episode is what I wish I could tell my former competitive bodybuilder-self?

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01:23 – Find out how I had a great training session despite eating almost no Calories

04:30 – Why your mindset will determine the quality of your workout more than your food intake⠀

05:11 – The nuances of a flexible diet. How to reduce the demonisation of foods without going full IIFYM Pop Tart warrior⠀

06:29 – How focussing on the sweeteners in your energy drink, the carbs in your porridge or the inflammation from your milk are steering you away from achieving your goals

07:29 – How to finally stop undermining your dieting efforts by letting go of the irrelevant details and focussing on what truly matters

08:14 – A summary of what I wish I knew when I was a competitive bodybuilder