What Is The Tour?

I want to pass on the most important things I have learned that I now know can change peoples’ lives for the better.

My Tour is the summation of over a decade of knowledge and experience working with clients from an array of backgrounds, with a wide range of goals.

I have done my very best to condense as much as possible into this single day of learning, for an extremely low cost.



Who is the Tour for?

My Tour is designed to take someone from Zero to Empowered.

There are literally no requirements to attend my Tour, only an inquisitive mind & an interest in nutrition.

Many people come on their own to my talks, its a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded people & have many great discussions.


What will I be talking about?

I’ve written Talk 1 to hopefully crush any misinformation you’ve been fed & to completely reframe the way you look at nutrition. It covers:

  • The most in-depth explanation of Calories and Energy Balance you’ve ever seen
  • Fat loss and what makes it so hard both physiologically and psychologically
  • Carbohydrates, sugar and insulin and what you need to know for your health and fat loss goals
  • Everything you need to know about ‘macros’ for optimal fat loss
  • Stress and Sleep and how these impact fat loss and health
  • A deep dive into my oft plagiarised ‘Mantra of Health’ & how you can be the healthiest version of you

Talk 2 will be a much more comprehensive look at the fundamentals of fat loss and muscle gain and the practical side of being able to optimise your nutrition to attain the body composition that you want.

Venue | TBC



Selfies and Questions!!

I’ll do my best to answer questions and have any selfies during the day if, like me, you’re into that sort of thing!

After the talk, if you’re not staying for the after-party I’ll hang around to answer questions and take photos!


Networking Opportunites with like-minded individuals

You will be provided with lunch and refreshments all day, we always get amazing feedback on lunches provided!

There will also be the famous AFTER-PARTY, please note there is absolutely NO pressure to drink alcohol at the after-party.