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Adam Martin Interviews me on: Almost Everything You Need To Know About PCOS

In this jam-packed guest appearance podcast, I discuss PCOS Nutrition with Adam Martin. I share up to date research on supplements, along with revealing the TRUTH behind fat loss with PCOS. Whether you’re living with PCOS yourself, or a nutrition professional, you will benefit greatly from the information I share in this one!



22:44 – Martin’s experience with PCOS

26:39 – The sexiest nutrition advice you’ll ever get for PCOS

43:34 – The truth behind weight loss in PCOS

48:56 – Why your mindset could be as important as your nutrition with PCOS

01:01:32 – How to own your own unique PCOS situation

01:07:49 – The top 3 nutrition tips women with PCOS should know

01:22:25 – A quick fire Q&A with Martin



3-Year effect of weight loss via severe versus moderate energy restriction on body composition among postmenopausal women with obesity – the TEMPO Diet Trial


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