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Are Anti Diet Coaches/Influencers Misleading Their Followers?

In this episode, I talk about coaches who are now anti-diet but are still, in the eyes of societal norms, in amazing shape; following years of restriction & disordered eating. I often see the anti diet movement being pedalled without any critical thinking, so hopefully this stimulates some deeper thoughts for you & helps prevent more people from being misled!



02:43 – Feminism & social justice warriors (tangent)

05:51 – Why it’s important to consider someones journey to becoming anti diet

10:33 – The long term physiological effects of extreme dieting

12:52 – Are the anti diet crowd narrow minded when it comes to weight stigma?

17:54 – Weighing up the mental and physiological consequences of intuitive eating



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Socrates – I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.


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