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Anna Skinner from Body Smart Fitness Interviews me on: PCOS, Reducing Cravings & Sugar Addiction

In this episode, I am interviewed by Anna Skinner from Body Smart Fitness. We discuss myths and dietary changes regarding PCOS, the efficacy of supplements, sugar addiction, cravings & much more!

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11:23 – Nutritional myths that mislead women with PCOS

18:51 – The three dietary changes to improve symptoms of PCOS

25:38 – The one supplement you should consider taking for PCOS

27:41 – Should you be supplementing with collagen

34:52 – The three supplements most people should be taking

44:21 – Is sugar addiction real & how to combat cravings

52:01 – How unconditional permission to eat can lead to weight loss

56:56 – The importance of learning how to eat when you aren’t dieting


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