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Breastfeeding, Calorie Deficits & Fat Loss

In this episode, I talk about whether or not you can be in a Calorie Deficit whilst breastfeeding & if it will impact breastmilk supply.

I also touch on other factors that may impact breastmilk production & my own experiences in this area.



00:55 – Common poor advice around nutrition & breastfeeding

04:30 – How many Calories do you need to maintain milk supply

11:31 – The safety of a Calorie deficit whilst breastfeeding?

14:59 – The origins of breastfeeding nutrition misinformation

18:20 – New research on sleep & milk supply

23:40 – Practical nutritional advice for breastfeeding women

34:28 – Other factors that may impact lactation



Effects of Maternal Caloric Restriction and Exercise during Lactation

Post-Partum Sleep and Breastfeeding Outcomes


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