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Cody McBroom Interviews me on: Hormones, Business Coaches, MNU & More

This week’s episode was recorded on Cody McBroom’s podcast ’The Tailored Life Podcast’. Cody is an MNU graduate and successful business owner so it was great to hear his take on life after MNU! Was also good to share some thoughts on ‘hormone coaches’ & ‘business coaches’ that plague the industry.


08:16 – How misinformation pushed the creation of MNU

18:32 – Why MNU only has one intake a year

24:02 – What annoys me most about the nutrition industry – Hormone Coaches

29:29 – Why energy balance should always be prioritised regardless of hormones, when it comes to fat loss

39:42 – Why MNU will help you with business more than the PTs turned “business coaches”

52:45 – What separates MNU from all other nutrition qualifications




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