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Collagen Supplements for Wrinkles, Gut Health & Tendon Repair

In this episode I answer some listener questions on a very popular topic, Collagen Supplements.

I discuss muscle gain, tendon repair, hair, skin & nail health!  I also talk on whether collagen supplements are really worth the expense and some cheaper alternatives that have the same effect!



01:46 – Are collagen supplements just expensive jelly

06:10 – How jelly cubes could help your joint health…

09:55 – Collagen supplements for wrinkles & skin health

14:34 – How to increase your collagen intake the Martin MacDonald way…



Recipe for gelatin/collagen jelly cubes

Whey protein but not collagen peptides stimulate acute and longer-term muscle protein synthesis with and without resistance exercise in healthy older women: a randomized controlled trial

Collagen and Gelatin Bioavailability

Vitamin C–enriched gelatin supplementation for Tendon Health

Bone Broth Unlikely to Provide Reliable Concentrations of Collagen Precursors Compared With Supplemental Sources of Collagen Used in Collagen Research

Oral Collagen Supplementation: A Systematic Review of Dermatological Applications


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