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Creatine: Hair Loss, Acne, Gut Side Effects, Pregnancy & Breastfeeding!

Creatine, The Missing Ingredient For Older People?In this episode, I give you the final word on the hot topics of hair loss & acne. I also discuss all of the evidence & nuance around using creatine during pregnancy & whilst breastfeeding. I also give some interesting insights into how to stop creatine upsetting your stomach & how it might actually help gut health!! This is a good one not to be missed!



01:09 – Does creatine lead to hair loss?

06:53 – Creatine, skin health and acne

09:08 – How to optimise your creatine dose for a happy gut

16:34 – What you should know about taking creatine in pregnancy

24:09 – Can you take creatine whilst breastfeeding?

26:31 – Can children benefit from creatine?



Three Weeks of Creatine Monohydrate Supplementation Affects Dihydrotestosterone to Testosterone Ratio in College-Aged Rugby Players

Common Questions and Misconceptions About Creatine Supplementation: What Does the Scientific Evidence Really Show?

Gastrointestinal Distress After Creatine Supplementation in Athletes: Are Side Effects Dose Dependent? 

Case Study: Dietary Creatine as a Possible Novel Treatment for Chron’s Ileitis

Creatine Supplementation During Pregnancy: Summary of Experimental Studies Suggesting a Treatment to Improve Fetal and Neonatal Morbidity and Reduce Mortality in High-Risk Human Pregnancy

International Society of Sports Nutrition Position Stand: Safety and Efficacy of Creatine Supplementation in Exercise, Sport and Medicine


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