Creatine, The Missing Ingredient For Older People?The final episode! 20+ quick fire listener questions all answered! More than ever I hope the timepoints below will prove useful for you!



01:18 – Why does creatine have such a bad reputation?

06:05 – What can I take creatine with to increase absorption?

07:04 – Should I avoid creatine and glutamine together?

07:18 – If I take creatine with sodium, will it increase intracellular uptake?

09:04 – I’ve heard great things about CreGAAtin! What’s your opinion?

10:40 – Creatine and Libido

11:55 – Does creatine have an impact on your mood?

13:22 – Is there a difference between men and women for water retention?

14:10 – Does water retention last for the whole duration of supplementing?

14:17 – How much weight will I gain when using creatine?

14:54 – Why are my clients getting headaches?

15:39 – Can I take creatine if I have Type 2 Diabetes?

16:19 – Should I use creatine during Ramadan?

16:58 – Can creatine help with fatigue and the effects of long Covid?

17:38 – I get really bloated and gassy taking creatine and inositol, am I taking too much?

18:19 – What effect does creatine have on PCOS?

19:47 – Are there any benefits to taking creatine during the menopause?

20:26 – Can it make your skin tingle?

20:41 – Is creatine an anabolic steroid?

20:45 –  Can vegans get the same benefits from creatine as vegetarians do?

21:26 – Can it make your skin tingle? Should you take creatine when on an aggressive cut?



Guanidinoacetic acid with creatine compared with creatine alone for tissue creatine content, hyperhomocysteinemia, and exercise performance: A randomized, double-blind superiority trial


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