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Fasting & Aggressive Calorie Deficits

Fasting & Aggressive Calorie Deficits

In this episode I share with you some insights into the technique I have often discussed of starting any fat loss phase with some sort of 24 – 36 hour fast.

I also give some insight into nutrition/dieting psychology & hopefully some pearls of wisdom that will serve you well in your own body composition manipulation pursuits.



00:00 – Introduction

06:05 – Caffeine or no caffeine when undertaking a fast?

07:29 – Will I get too hungry fasting for 36 hours?

09:05 – An important note on exercise whilst using aggressive dieting strategies

11:53 – Understanding that both nutrition and exercise should always be multiphasic

15:48 – Fasting isn’t a magic bullet. Why the speed at which you lose fat is dependant on the calorie deficit

18:10 – Are you ready for a dieting phase? If it’s not a £$%^ YES!,Why it should be a Hell NO!

20:55 – How, for me & others, reducing calories can sometimes decrease hunger!

22:14 – The difference between flexible vs rigid restraint and understanding unconditional permission to eat

24:28 – Is it okay to skip breakfast?

25:43 – Summary