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The’ Fat Gene’, Metabolic Adaptation and The BS Regarding Personalised Nutrition: Interview with Body Smart Fitness

In this week’s episode, I am interviewed by Body Smart Fitness, regarding the myths around personalised nutrition, the phenomenon of metabolic adaptation and how menopause is the next “money grab”. We also discuss how genetics impact your fat loss journey and ways to tackle this.


05:52 – The under under-discussed placebo effect of personalised nutrition

07:42 – Is it harder for some people to lose weight than others?

11:54 – Should ANYONE be using a continuous glucose monitor to improve their health?

16:34 – Is weight loss good or bad for the gut microbiome?

17:08 – Are your gut bacteria working against your weight loss efforts

28:08 – Is Davina McCall a sell-out for working with ZOE?

32:54 – The study that killed the insulin hypothesis

42:27 – Are programs catering towards Menopause worth it?

59:54 – Do food intolerance tests actually work?

01:02:32 – Does alcohol shut down your metabolic pathways, and stop you from losing fat?



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