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Fat Loss, Health and ‘The Insulin Spike’

In this episode, I’ll unravel the truth behind the insulin lies, share some exciting new research & clarify the parts that even ‘experts’ can get wrong on insulin! I also share some evidence-backed tips to help yourself, friends or family members this Christmas. Have a good one!



03:05 – The things that even experts get wrong about carbs and insulin

10:51 – What the insulin fairy never told you about processed foods

19:07 – Carbs vs Keto – insulin spikes and fat loss

24:39 – The unknown hormonal benefits of protein

26:53 – Are there any carbs that we should avoid?



Ultra-Processed Diets Cause Excess Calorie Intake and Weight Gain: An Inpatient Randomized Controlled Trial of Ad Libitum Food Intake

Effect of a plant-based, low-fat diet versus an animal-based, ketogenic diet on ad libitum energy intake

Metabolic and behavioral effects of a high-sucrose diet during weight loss

A Satiety Index of common foods


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