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Flex Success Interview me on: Hormones, Calorie Deficits and How To Be Less Sh**

This new episode is recorded with the ‘Flex Success’ team & is packed full of valuable content.

We discuss hormones (and the myths that need to die!), whether anybody should personalise their diets based on their DNA, and establish the FACTS behind whether diets are damaging.

I also share how to make better, more informed decisions and give my valuable advice on ‘how to be less sh**!’



13:04Can you control your hormones?

24:00 – Should we ALWAYS believe in calorie deficits?

31:08 – What our DNA can tell us about how to eat

43:17 – Should we ever intentionally lose weight?

49:35 – The things most people don’t realise about dieting

57:48 – My advice on how to live & do better


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