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Food Demonisation & How to Talk to Children About ‘Bad’ Foods

Food Demonisation & How to Talk to Children About 'Bad' Foods

In this episode, I talk about the first time my 4 year old son came home from school and told me that chocolate was a ‘bad food’. It really took me by surprise and I did my very best to guide the conversation positively.

It was difficult with my 5 year old also chiming in to the discussion with her thoughts! I hope through hearing me discuss this topic, you can be better prepared than I was.



0:00 – What led me to record this episode

07:04 – Food demonisation and how it can create shame and guilt around foods

09:48 – How I talk to my children about food & letting lifestyle dictate how a child eats

12:25 – Setting up a good food environment for children

13:47 – Why moderation is a stupid word when used with nutrition

15:47 – Being considered in your thoughts and words when talking to children about food

18:24 – Parenting guilt and how you can persuade children to eat foods they don’t like

20:36 – Wrap up


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