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Food Quality Vs Food Quantity – What Matters More?

Food Quality Vs Food Quantity - What Matters More?In this episode, I talk about an inane discussion that has been going on for my whole career: food quality vs food quantity and the fact that people always feel the need to create a dichotomy between the two!!

Lots of cool research linked in the show notes of this one!





06:11 – The role of ultra-processed food in our diets

14:50 – ‘Clean Eating’ and fat loss

20:09 – How you can set up your environment for fat loss

29:29 – The food choices you can make to make fat loss easier



Ultra-processed vs unprocessed diets – LINK

High sugar diet increases energy intake – LINK

Surwit et al (1997) High sugar weight loss diet – LINK

Kevin Hall’s 2021 paper on a plant-based, low-fat diet vs keto – LINK