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How To Approach Giving Nutrition Advice to Your Friends and Family

This episode is for anybody who is feeling a little ‘stuck’ in life!

In this episode, I talk about an often frustrating and difficult topic, giving nutrition advice to friends and family. I delve into the problems you may come across as a practitioner, or just someone that wants to help someone close to you and how to tackle these in a non judgemental and empathetic way.

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02:46 – Should you work with friends and family members in a professional capacity

04:39 – How to change your or someone you know’s life for just £10

06:46 – How to get your friends and family to buy into your advice

13:56 – “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”

24:30 – Why empathy is the highest form of intelligence

29:23 – Should I talk to my children about nutrition?


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