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Judgmental People, Social Justice & the ‘I’m Offended’ Crowd

Judgmental People, Social Justice & the ‘I’m Offended’ Crowd

Another ‘WISDOM’ category podcast. I felt compelled to speak on these topics as I get judged A LOT by people who don’t actually know me. For those following in my footsteps, I think hearing some of this could help you.

Some people just see me as an arrogant, confident male who drives a fast car & instantly they jump to conclusions. Likewise, there is a lot of materialism & ‘fakeness’ online so I do GET why people think the way they do. I no longer get offended by judgment, as I know good people will eventually see the truth. I hope by hearing this some of you can care less about what others think & say about you.



00:00 – Introduction

00:41 – Why the term ‘social justice warrior’ has become so tainted

01:32 – The importance of understanding that morality is an individual concept

02:36 – My take on being a positive role model & doing my little bit of good for the world

04:34 – Why getting offended is just so ridiculous & the judgmental nature of humans

08:11 – How small acts can challenge the larger issues

09:20 – Why sometimes caring a little about others’ opinions is better than not caring at all 

11:04 – Why you should only really be offended by the things that matter in the world 

13:51 – Disparity between the rich & the poor in the UK

14:35 – Raising awareness & how you can literally save someone’s life 

16:08 – Wrap up


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