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Kate Neudecker Interviews me on: Fat Loss, PCOS, Stress & Gratitude

This episode is from my guest appearance on Kate Neudecker’s Podcast: ’The Fitness Mindset Podcast’.

We discuss how the pandemic has affected peoples attitude to nutrition. It gets pretty deep at times! We delve into guilt, stress, gratitude, stoicism & more.

We also discuss PCOS, when to begin a fat loss phase and how to avoid misinformation and charlatans on social media.



01:18 – Why does creatine have such a bad reputation?

01:55 – When is it right to use tough love?

11:05 – The story behind the creation of the MN School of Nutrition

22:13 – Strategies for coping with stress and dealing with guilt

42:10 – How to assess if it’s the right time for you to start a fat loss phase

47:50 – PCOS and how to differentiate between the good and bad information

01:04:12 – Stoicism & Gratitude as tools for happiness



Having your cake and eating it too: A habit of comfort food may link chronic social stress exposure and acute stress-induced cortisol hyporesponsiveness


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