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Protein for Children – Requirements, Shakes, Vegetarian Children & more!

Following my last episode on the protein needs of young children, lots of you had specific queries regarding your child’s protein needs. So this week’s episode I have responded to your questions regarding protein and the requirements for your children. Check out the time points below to see if there’s a question you’ve got that I have answered!

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04:00 – Should children be having protein with every meal?

07:33 – Has the evidence/my opinion on protein for children, changed in recent years?

09:00 – Can children have protein powder?

12:40 – Is there a safe upper limit on protein intake for a child?

14:43 – Do protein needs change when children reach puberty

16:45 – Do plant-based diets include enough protein for a child?

17:40 – What are the protein needs of active/sports playing children & adolescents?



Sports Dietitians Australia position statement: sports nutrition for the adolescent athlete


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