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Pursuing Happiness & Finding Your Purpose in Life

Pursuing Happiness & Finding Your Purpose in Life

In this episode, I discuss happiness. I’m perceived as a ‘happy all the time’ kind of person despite trying to be as transparent as possible about my ups and downs on social media.

This year has been tough mentally for many people, with lockdowns; I hope some of the stuff I share here can help you in 2021.



00:00 – Introduction

20:38 – Perceptions of my online persona & fake happiness

22:43 – Why I think I am genuinely happy

23:24 – Finding your purpose & how this can be key to happiness

24:52 – Lockdown broke me but hard times can help you grow

25:42 – Helping others & the difference between pleasure and happiness

28:10 – Cutting out people who bring you down

29:52 – You need to stop caring so much about what other people think

31:58 – Sleep, Drugs & Alcohol

33:45 – Drinking for fun or drinking to numb

35:46 – Self esteem & understanding how much you can help others

38:38 – Wrap up