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Research on the Hormonal Responses to Organic vs Fast Food Consumption

Are you putting the ‘wrong fuel in your Ferrari’…. lol. This analogy is dumb when it comes to Fat Loss… and we have the research on humans we can look at. High ‘quality’ organic food vs Fast Food. In this week’s episode I explain what the body of evidence in this area is actually saying and clear up any confusion surrounding whether the type of foods we are consuming is more significant than the Calorie content when it comes to losing weight!

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04:44 – Should we be avoiding saturated fat?

10:18 – How demonising foods helps zealots to make money

14:05 – Do processed foods stop us losing weight?

22:37 – How to eat for health instead of weight loss

29:15 – The main determinant of our metabolism (metabolic rate)



Hormonal responses to a fast-food meal compared with nutritionally comparable meals of different composition

Substituting whole grains for refined grains

Processed vs unprocessed diet cause an excess Calorie intake


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