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How to Tackle a Big Weight Loss Goal and My Approach to an Aggressive Diet: Interviewed by Body Smart Fitness


Part Two with Body Smart Fitness on how to set realistic attainable goals and the best approach to take when undergoing an aggressive diet.


03:48 – Is slow and steady the best approach to a big weight loss goal?

09:23 – The difference between an Aggressive Diet & a crash diet

11:47 – How you should change your habits in preparation for an aggressive diet

15:00 – The theory behind fat loss and how my aggressive calculator can help you

19:32 – Is an aggressive diet harder for some people compared to others?

23:22 – The side effects of an aggressive diet that you think are true but they just aren’t.

28:34 – Mindset shift before starting an aggressive diet – The multiphasic approach

47:10 – Why skipping breakfast during an aggressive diet may be beneficial

49:50 – The truth about the ‘body positive’ circle, are they shaming people when they shouldn’t be?

52:46 – The best approach for setting dieting goals


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