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The ‘Eat As Little As You Can Diet’ For Fat Loss

Don’t worry, I’m not selling out to some Very Low Calorie shake diet. I talk about how to aggressively diet i.e. lose fat as fast as possible, without having to count Calories. I also share some fool-proof strategies that might make it work for you.

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00:37 – Why aggressive dieting is misunderstood

04:28 – How the ‘Eat As Little As You Can Diet’ could benefit you

07:30 – What you need to achieve BEFORE dieting

10:36 – Is there ever a bad time to diet?

12:35 –  My recent experiences on the ‘Eat As Little As You Can Diet’

19:08 – Can you stay healthy whilst aggressive dieting?



“Increase in appetite resulting in eating above baseline by ~100 kcal/day per kg of lost weight”


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