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The Mind Muscle Project Interview on: Aggressive Fat Loss, Supplements & much much more!

This episode is from my guest appearance on ‘The Mind Muscle Project’.

We discuss the factors that are causing the obesity epidemic, the use of aggressive dieting as a fast fat loss method and which supplement I think people should be taking, the answer may surprise you…. it’s not Creatine.

I am also asked some nonspecialist questions on my daily routine, who I would most like to interview on my podcast and my one positive from the pandemic.

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04:41 – What is the cause of the obesity epidemic?

19:31 – Nutritional strategies for those that are motivated yet busy

33:08 – What people don’t understand about aggressive dieting

45:30 – How to train when on an aggressive diet

50:15 – Practical advice on how to implement aggressive dieting and what results to expect

01:05:26 – What supplement people should start taking

01:12:01 – My ‘dream’ podcast guest…

01:20:01 – Is routine the key to success?

01:31:08 – My ‘silver lining’ of the pandemic


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