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The Practical Tips and Mindset Tools You Need to Make Your Next Diet a Success

The Practical Tips and Mindset Tools You Need to Make Your Next Diet a Success

In this episode, I discuss the ins and outs of why you should be more flexible with your food choices, diet and lifestyle, if you want to achieve dieting success.

You will also discover the importance of a mindset shift towards gratitude in times of adversity and why you need to get more comfortable talking about the uncomfortable!



0:00 – The reason you should NOT eat the same amount of Calories every single day

01:37 – This is how long your aggressive diet should (or shouldn’t) be

04:13 – Why flexibility in your diet is essential to success and why strict timelines don’t work

05:07 – The importance of a gratitude mindset during times of adversity

05:55 – Why there is no optimal length of dieting phases and how to pace your diets in the real world

06:50 – Why you should be taking note of your bowel movements (or lack thereof)

10:17 – How the composition of your gut microbiome can change over time dependent on your lifestyle and body composition

15:02 – An interesting tangent into my Podcasting style and why you should be consuming all of the content I put out into the world

19:25 – Disproving a common myth about aggressive dieting (Hint: It won’t put you into starvation mode or ‘slow’ your metabolism any more than other diets)

21:03 – Why you should get comfortable talking about those uncomfortable topics (bowel movements, menstruation & libido)

24:09 – Exercise: Why you can sometimes have too much of a good thing

27:28 – The changing state of your hormonal profile. How much impact can your lifestyle have?

29:27 – What the Bristol Stool Chart is and, surprisingly, why you might see it decorated on cakes

31:03 – How many times do you have to undermine your dieting attempts before you commit to the pursuit of simple, long-term consistency?


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