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The Sugar Podcast Part 3 – How to Overcome Cravings

The Sugar Podcast Part 3 - How to Overcome Cravings

In the third and final part of the series on sugar, I talk about sugar cravings and give some practical tips for how you can reduce your cravings.








02:29 – Why do people crave sugar?

10:02 – Factors that increase cravings

20:40 – 2 things you might be unknowingly doing that are increasing your cravings

29:08 – Practical tips to reduce cravings



“Chocolate Addiction”: a Preliminary Study of its Description and its Relationship to Problem Eating – LINK 
Meal timing and composition influence ghrelin levels, appetite scores and weight loss maintenance in overweight and obese adults – LINK 
The effect of deprivation on food cravings and eating behavior in restrained and unrestrained eaters – LINK
Effects of hunger state on the brain responses to food cues across the life span – LINK



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