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There is ZERO Correlation Between Someone’s Knowledge and Their Appearance

In this episode, I reflect on the reactions and comments on my recent posts regarding the fact that appearance does NOT correlate to knowledge.

Throughout the episode, I discuss why appearance should be taken out of the equation and what qualities actually matter when looking for a coach to help you.

It can be tricky to know who’s advice to follow in the fitness industry and it often leads to people blindly following coaches or influencers solely based on what they look like, so hopefully, this episode will guide you in the right direction!



01:04 – Why it is idiotic to blindly follow someone’s advice based solely on their appearance

07:30 – How I am trying to stop you from being misled!

14:12– What you should be looking for when hiring a coach

21:15 – The level of knowledge and application I do expect from coaches

23:35 – What is more important – Qualifications or Experience?


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