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What Foods Can You Eat on an Aggressive Diet?

What Foods Can You Eat on an Aggressive Diet?This episode is a nice bitesized episode covering a really important concept.I use my aggressive diet to teach you about having Unconditional Permission to Eat…. Anything! I can not stress enough how important this is to ensure your own fat loss success.



00:00 – Introduction & why I wanted to make this episode

01:47 – You really can eat ANY food on any diet! – Almost.

03:07 – Find out what my new aggressive diet looks like

05:20 – How to improve your relationship with food. Here’s a clue: don’t be too harsh on yourself!

06:54 – Enjoying the occasional mastication on my diet (I hope you read that right!)

10:35 – Why I give myself unconditional permission to eat anything, even food with virtually zero nutritional value

11:35 –  How to find your own low-hanging fruit… And it’s probably not where you think it is!

15:53 – One final piece of advice to remember


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