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Who is Martin ‘Nutrition’ MacDonald & What is ‘Not Another Nutrition Podcast’?

Hey Everyone! Welcome to ‘Not Another Nutrition Podcast’!

In this introductory episode, I guide you through what you can expect from me and Not Another Nutrition Podcast, how it came about, exactly how you can use it and also give you a few unique insights into the life and career milestones that led to some of what I a going to be talking about!



00:00 – Welcome!

02:03 – This isn’t actually my first podcast…

03:20 – The purpose of Not Another Nutrition Podcast

06:07 – What to expect from me here

18:17 – What drives me in my career

26:32 – Early Career – Trying to juggle my studies with multiple jobs

28:58 – A defining point in my life – Losing my Dad

29:05 – Getting my first weight set & Arnold’s Encyclopaedia of Bodybuilding at 12 years old

31:48 – Working illegally at 15, stacking shelves for Asda and being a minimum wage Gym Instructor

34:03 – Holding babies and where I got my passion for parenting

35:39 – Lecturing at University, where I developed my love for public speaking

37:20 – My supplement company & why you shouldn’t start one

38:58 – The origins of the Mac-Nutrition Consultancy & working with British Weightlifting

43:17 – The weight-making workshop & teaching Connor McGregor’s team

44:22 – Working with TV Celebrities, getting hate from the Dietetics world and developing a thick-skin

48:06 – The first ever Mac-Nutrition Mentorship had the start of my friendship with the one and only Danny Lennon

54:05 – The birth of MNU (Mac-Nutrition Uni)

1:02:07 – Wrap up

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