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Why Children Shouldn’t Drink Squash/Cordial

In this week’s episode, I discuss the evidence on whether young children should be consuming sweet drinks like squash/cordial/diluting juice.

I explain where the research is up to and give some practical advice that parents can use to help improve their children’s dietary variety.


01:14 – My stance on whether children should have artificially sweetened drinks

05:55 – Should we be controlling children’s diets

07:26 – Why children crave sweetness

10:30 – Why sweetness can be more damaging to behaviour in children compared to adults



Liem and Graff (2004) Sweet and sour preferences in young children and adults: role of repeated exposure

Drewnowski et al., (2012) Sweetness and Food Preference

Mennella et al., (2001) Prenatal and Postnatal Flavor Learning by Human Infants


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