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Why Science is So Important for Emotion & Observation Driven Idiots (aka Humans)

In this episode, I explain how as emotional and irrational humans we can benefit from the scientific method!

I discuss the relevance of scientific findings to everyday life and how they can help us to make more informed decisions while avoiding whatever the latest nutrition zealots are shouting about! I also shed some light on my experience of the unsurprising biases in the food industry and why my opinion didn’t always suit their priorities.



01:32 – How science can help you not be an idiot

09:16 – What my dream physique would be…..

11:05 – Why science is the only way to debunk myths

13:26 – My experience of the biases that exist in the food industry

16:12 – My take on artificial sweeteners, sugar & more



Fitness vs. fatness on all-cause mortality: a meta-analysis

Hormonal responses to a fast food meal compared with nutritionally comparable organic meals

No difference in weight loss in eucaloric high sugar vs low sugar diets


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