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Fat Loss & When We Eat – What Does the Research Say?

‘Does when I eat matter when it comes to fat loss?’…….’Should I avoid carbs after 6pm?’ 

I am often asked questions about meal timing and its impact on fat loss. In this episode, I discuss where these myths originated from & the fairly conclusive findings from the literature in this area.



02:54 – Does when you eat matter for fat loss?

06:50 – Why people think meal timing matters

10:20 – Who could benefit from reducing their carb intake at one meal a day?



Seventh-day Adventists’ meal timings associated with positive BMI changes

Weight loss is greater with the consumption of large morning meals and fat-free mass is preserved with large evening meals in women on a controlled weight reduction regimen

Study on police officers eating most of their carbohydrates in the morning or evening

Podcast on why carbs can’t make you fat 


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