Becky Krych

“Being a triathlete it is not only important to maximise the training sessions I do, but also to maximise my recovery between these sessions. Some days during the week I find myself training up to three times per day. Before I started working with Martin, I felt that I wasn’t getting the most out of my training sessions. My diet wasn’t too bad but it was hit and miss each day. I found that one day I would eat the right things then the next day would be so much different. This year I am going to be competing in elite races. I used to see a large difference in body shape between the other elite athletes and myself. I now feel very satisfied with my body and have cut down my body fat levels.

With the team’s expert knowledge I am getting more out of my training sessions and my recovery is quicker. I have seen the results of my improved diet during training, I feel so much stronger in all three disciplines. My *times have got faster* and I have so much more form from not being fatigued.  From the first time I made contact I found the team very professional but also very approachable. I found that my diet was completely personalised to my preference of foods I like and dislike. I know that I could contact the team at any time for advice & support; and I am very much looking forward to working in partnership with them over the coming months. I feel that there will be some very exciting results ahead this summer.”

Becky Krych (Triathlete)