Jack Oliver

“I have worked with Martin in the build up to two Commonwealth Games, one Olympic Games and several World and European championships and I can say honestly that his help has been invaluable. Competing in a weight category sport (weightlifting), it is important that I do not lose any strength whilst losing weight and this has been demonstrated by my lifting of higher weights in competition than training even though I am lighter. In fact, I have even managed to improve my strength whilst dropping 7 kilograms of bodyweight in order to move down a weight category; this is something I have seen other nutritionists claim to be impossible! Not only have I been able to manage my diet very effectively with Martin’s help but I have also managed to avoid hunger whilst dieting and still eat enjoyable foods, giving me a psychological advantage going into competitions. I greatly value Martin’s input in all things nutrition and I look forward to his continued help.”

Jack Oliver (Olympian)