Justine Kinney

“In the approach to the London Olympics 2012 it is becoming increasing important for any athlete to raise their game to qualify for ultimately the most prestigious event a sports performer can compete in. During the past year I have followed a detailed and highly specific nutrition plan provided by Martin to help increase my muscle mass, aid my recovery between sessions, and ultimately allow me to train harder and run quicker over the 400m hurdles.

It has allowed me to understand the food required to fuel my body with to provide it both with the nutrients it needs, and how much of each is necessary for optimum performance. The guidance has allowed me to look after my body appropriately and has reduced the amount of illnesses I suffered from throughout the training year.

Martin’s programme is totally individual to my body, my sport, my event and my specific goals. It has allowed me a thorough understanding of the importance of the food I consume as well as any supplements that my body needs to train optimally. Without this advice I highly doubt I would be able to train at the level or intensity I do without suffering from injury or illness”.

Justine Kinney (400m Hurdler)