Mark Neimz

“Martin’s knowledge of nutritional strategies to aid sports performance is extensive, and is based upon fundamental scientific principles and an expert interpretation of the latest research and how to apply this to working directly with athletes. The reason his services are sought after by serious athletes is not only due to his underpinning knowledge of nutrition, but also in his understanding of the interplay between nutrition and training or performance,  something which has earned him respect among coaches, athletes and Strength and Conditioning Coaches such as myself. In working with endurance athletes, he is able to specifically adapt and tailor individualised nutritional programmes for different disciplines within multisport events.

Martin is prepared to challenge traditional methods and perceptions of nutrition, using cutting edge techniques, and is willing to go against the grain as long as it works in theory and in practice.

He has been an influential figure in helping me to develop my understanding of the important role of nutrition in maximising athletic performance. His advice has also influenced my own nutritional strategies, helping me to maximise my training.  I have seen marked improvements in strength and body composition since adjusting my nutrition based on Martin’s recommendations.

Anyone serious about maximising their training and sports performance would benefit massively from Martin’s expert nutritional advice”.

Mark Neimz (British Triathlon S&C Coach)