Maya Brodie-Dowden

“Having had quite a lot of guidance in the past with basic nutrition we were drawn to Martin for knowledge and understanding in sport performance. My mum and I liked the website and the time taken in our telephone enquiry. Martin was also recommended to us from another high performance sports nutritionist as being able to offer the guidance I needed.

My consultations were really helpful because I was given genuine advice and also the understanding of why my body needs certain requirements and what changes need to be made. I have felt it’s been really successful working with Martin so far, I think this is because of the amount of things I have learnt and that I have still to learn, and new ideas to improve my performance. I also think it has been really useful because of how much my nutritionist knows about the whole picture, like my sporting discipline, not just simply how much food I’m eating.

As a Type 1 Diabetic but also as a gymnast the advice I have received has been different from other medicial professionals. Martin looked at my diet from lots of different angles. I have found that other people I have worked with have had a very specific way of looking at my diet; Martin looked at my diet from a more scientific point of view and medical perspective. As a result my energy levels have definitely improved and that has helped improve my training, leading to my selection to the GB squad!

The things I have learnt have certainly helped me to keep tweaking my diet to further improve my performance. I feel that with continuing the help and advice I can further improve my knowledge and can improve my performance. I feel more confident with making food choices and can continue to improve my body!”

Maya Brodie-Dowden (Type 1 Diabetic Gymnast, Tumbling)