Nick Beer

“As an up and coming elite triathlete, my diet during the off and race season is incredibly important. Maintaining a lightweight without compensating speed and power is essential to my progression as a triathlete.

Before meeting Martin my diet was all over the place. Snacking from time to time and not paying attention to detail in what food I bought and ate. After several meetings with Martin, it highlighted the importance of a structured diet and the quality of food I need, to get the best out of myself during training and racing.

Being an endurance athlete, utilizing my energy stores is very important in the build up and throughout the race and I believe with Martin’s nutritional advice I can access these stores to their full potential. I have only been working with Martin for a few months now and already I can see my weight improving, I feel consistently lighter and swimming, cycling and running has never felt better.

With Mac-Nutrition’s sound advice and guidance the future looks very exciting.”

Nick Beer (Triathlete)