Pete McKnight

“As a Strength and Conditioning coach for the English Institute of Sport, working with UK Athletics and also private clients, I would have no qualms in recommending Martin as a Nutritionist of the highest quality. Martin has vast experience in working with athletes across a wide range of sports, at every level, including working with Olympians. Martin has the knowledge and ability to tailor his programmes to suit athlete’s requirements and goals, whether it is weight loss, optimising recovery, gaining lean muscle mass or achieving the desired body composition for performance. In my job and my own training, I often have nutrition related questions that I don’t know the answers to, or have issues that I want to discuss in greater detail. In these situations, I often use Martin as a sounding board both for professional advice but also to chat to about the latest thing on his mind, to try to gain an insight into his perspective.

Although he has a very balanced approach to Nutrition, this does not water down the fact that Martin’s methods bring creativity and ingenuity and will challenge some of the traditions and myths surrounding Performance Nutrition. His intrigue has led him in reading, researching and in personal experimentation to be the best there is. In a field that is littered with folk lore and misinformation, trust plays a very important role. I have complete trust and confidence in Martin, and what he delivers, and on this basis I wholeheartedly endorse Martin as a Nutritionist.”

Pete McKnight (S&C Coach EIS + UK Athletics)