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LTB Interview on: Rapid Fat Loss, Health at Every Size, BMI as a Determinant of Health & More!

This week’s episode is an interview I did with Stu Aitken from Lift The Bar. We discussed why I first became interested in rapid fat loss, BMI as an indicator of health and why I am interested in discussing other topics outside of nutrition. I also give my opinion on how new practitioners in the industry should be focusing their time!


07:18 – How I first got into rapid fat loss & myths surrounding its use

17:37 – Where to find more about rapid fat loss

20:20 – Why I talk about wisdom and parenting as well as nutrition

34:23 – My advice to new practitioners entering the nutrition industry

44:48 – My view on the use of BMI in determining health

55:13 – Can you be healthy at any size?



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