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The ‘Hormones & Food Quality vs Food Quantity’ Fat Loss Debate

People often get confused about the role hormones play when concerning fat loss. Although they are relevant in the discussion, people are often misled by zealots looking to make money selling their latest product and has led to thinking of ‘calories don’t matter’….


05:01 – The false dichotomy of food quality vs food quantity

08:42 – Are hormones important when it comes to fat loss?

12:20 – Why energy balance is always the most significant factor when it comes to weight loss

15:40 – Can you lose weight eating processed foods?

23:16 – Misleading weight loss information you need to AVOID

28:29How an MNU Certified Nutritionist could actually help you without the fads



Episode #21 – Food Quality vs Food Quantity – What Matters More?

Flex Success Interview me on: Hormones, Calorie Deficits and How To Be Less Sh**

Substituting refined grains for whole grains led to small changes in the absorption of Calories


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